Bye, #YASH!

Aw, sad! The YA Scavenger Hunt is over. But stay tuned for future events and giveaways, and have a beautiful fall, everyone! Read a scary book. 😉 I have a couple I’d suggest.

#YASH is over ….

Hey guys, The YA Scavenger hunt is officially over. But stay tuned to find out who won the big, amazing grand prize, and the individual giveaway I was running right here on my page, too! Thanks to everyone who played, thanks for all the follows and likes, thanks for allowing me to be a part …

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Honorable Mention!

I did not win. I did not even make it into the top 25. But I pushed the boulder farther up the mountain than I ever have, and I’m going to hang out on this mid-level cliff for a little longer. My very short fiction piece, “Dirty Girl,” received an honorable mention in the Glimmertrain …

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