Hey there! I’m glad you found me. My name’s Carly Anne West. Have you ever tried to write a bio? It’s hard. Like, really hard.  I’ve narrowed some tidbits about me to a handful of bite-sized pieces that I’m hoping allows us to get to know each other a little better:



  • I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where I melted more than a few pair of shoes on the summer asphalt and swallowed buckets of chlorinated water over the course of several years of swimming.
  • After graduating with a BA from Arizona State University (fork ‘em, Devils!), I moved to Nashville, Tennessee with my long time love and best friend Matt, then relocated again three years later to Oakland, California where I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in English & Creative Writing from Mills College.
  • In 2006, I somewhat scandalously eloped in San Francisco with aforementioned love and resided in Oakland for six more years, bordered by equal parts ocean and forest, with the snow not so far away.











  • In 2012, Matt and I (along with our new, awesome baby boy) relocated to Seattle, Washington. I now write amid the luxurious rain and evergreens.


  • I write for teens and for adults.



A few more odd and embarrassing facts:


  • I have a cat who will fetch when he’s so inclined. He’s also the noisiest occupant of the house.


  • I have this insane fear of rolling backward down a hill in a car.


  • I’ve seen Ghostbusters II about five hundred times … for no particular reason, other than it’s awesome.


  • I can’t take naps.


  • When I was in college, I performed an experiment for extra credit in my Psych 101 class, for which I rode the elevator for a half hour in the Languages building and cried “Ding!” as we passed every floor, then took note of people’s reactions (which can best be described as confused and trapped).


  • For far too long, I believed Alaska was an island.


  • I was one of those kids who cut her Barbies’ hair and dangled them from the edge of my bed while pretending they were hanging from a cliff. They were adventurous dolls.


  • When I was fifteen, I crashed my parents’ car through the garage door.


  • It takes me an absurdly long time to calculate a tip.

  • Maybe five years ago, I realized that the melody for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the very same as that of the Alphabet Song. (I bet you’re singing them now, aren’t you?)

Young Adult Fiction:

The Murmurings (March 2013)


Short Stories:




A Frigidaire Song



Other stuff I like, and I hope you do, too!


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